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Category (行业):Consumer Electronics (电子通讯)

The followings are Consumer Electronics category of the inquiry data from the 109th China Canton Fair, including purchase product, detail content of requirements, contact information and so on. Click the title to enter detail data. (下面是 电子通讯 分类的询盘信息,来自第109届广交会,包括采购产品、详细说明、联系方式等信息。点击各个标题可进入查看更详细数据。)
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Police LED Light Bar

  • Category (类别) :Consumer Electronics (电子通讯)
    • Co (公司名): Select Truck & Equipment Inc.
    • Add (地址): 3912 I-70 Dr.S.E., Columbia, Missouri
    • Tel (电话): 1-573-8867886
    • Email (邮箱地址):
    • Mobile (手机): 1-5732191422
    • Contact Person (联系人): Mr. Karl Mcmeans
    • Country (国家): United States

Table mobile note taker

  • Category (类别) :Consumer Electronics (电子通讯)
    • Co (公司名): Samra Imports Inc
    • Add (地址): 15420 Plain Stony Rd, Edmonton, Ab, Canada, Edmonton City, Ab Province, Canada
    • Tel (电话): 1-780-4832500
    • Email (邮箱地址):
    • Contact Person (联系人): Mr. Joe Shen
    • Country (国家): Canada

USB Memory drive

  • Category (类别) :Consumer Electronics (电子通讯)
    • Add (地址): 903ho Silvertown Offcetel, 1308-4 Seocho-Dong Seocho-Gu Seoul, Seoul, Seoul, South Korea
    • Tel (电话): 82-2-5924493
    • Email (邮箱地址):
    • Contact Person (联系人): Mr. Tony Kim
    • Country (国家): South Korea

computer parts

  • Category (类别) :Consumer Electronics (电子通讯)
    • Co (公司名): SHREEJI PROTEIN
    • Add (地址): New Kumbharvada, Mahuva, Gujarat, India
    • Tel (电话): 0091-2844-223933
    • Email (邮箱地址):,
    • Website (网站网址):
    • Mobile (手机): 00919924439575
    • Contact Person (联系人): Mr. Aravindkumar M Senta
    • Country (国家): India

CCTV cameras and other security devices

SD Cards

Drop Shipping Laptops from China

TV Kit

  • Category (类别) :Consumer Electronics (电子通讯)
    • Co (公司名): NPK Resources Ltd
    • Add (地址): P. O Box 1417, Kampala
    • Tel (电话): 256-772417801
    • Email (邮箱地址):
    • Mobile (手机): 256-772417801
    • Contact Person (联系人): Mr. Wanda(Management Department)
    • Country (国家): Uganda

Alarm & Security Systems

Digital Converter

  • Category (类别) :Consumer Electronics (电子通讯)
    • Co (公司名): Mobtech Contacts
    • Add (地址): Nairobi
    • Tel (电话): 254-722477799
    • Email (邮箱地址):
    • Mobile (手机): 254-722477799
    • Contact Person (联系人): Mr. Ngugi Kaguo
    • Country (国家): Kenya
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