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Fruits & Vegetables

This is an inquiry message about Fruits & Vegetables from the 109th China Canton Fair, Its detail address, main product, telephone and fax is as below.
(这是一条关于“Fruits & Vegetables“的询盘信息,来自第109届中国广交会。下面是该公司的详细地址、主要采购的产品、电话和传真等信息。)
Purchase Product (采购主题):

  • Purchase Product (采购主题) :
    Fruits & Vegetables
  • Detail Content (采购内容) :
    Dear Sir, We import vegetables and fruit from all over the world and distributes them to intermediaries and end users in whole Russia. We have an opportunity to deliver goods in 22 mega markets and 3050 supermarkets. We prefer to buy products from a manufacturer / exporter instead of a distributor. Port of destination – Novorossiysk. Please kindly inform us if interested in doing business with our company. If it is possible, send us please pricelists (CIF Novorossiysk ) with your production and probably photos. Kind regards,
Contact Info(联系信息)

  • Co (公司名): Kubvneshstroy Ltd
  • Add (地址): Russia, Krasnodar 268, Kommunarov St, off: 18
  • Tel (电话): +78612104368
  • Email (邮箱地址):,
  • Contact Person (联系人): Marina Balanova (Import Manager)
  • Country (国家): Russia
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