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Catalog Request

This is an inquiry message about Catalog Request from the 109th China Canton Fair, Its detail address, main product, telephone and fax is as below.
(这是一条关于“ Catalog Request“的询盘信息,来自第109届中国广交会。下面是该公司的详细地址、主要采购的产品、电话和传真等信息。)
Purchase Product (采购主题):

  • Purchase Product (采购主题) :
    Catalog Request
  • Detail Content (采购内容) :
    We are an adhesives and ink manufacturer from the Dominican Republic. We are interested in updating our machinery. Can you please send us a catalog with your products. Mail to: Cano Industrial, C. por A. CPS#2888 P.O. Box 149020 Coral Gables Fl. 33114-9
Contact Info(联系信息)

  • Contact Person (联系人): Ariadna Felix
  • Company (公司名): Cano Industrial, C. por A.
  • Email (邮箱地址):
  • Address (地址): 33126-1112
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